New Release: Colder


Marc Nguyen Tan is a man outside time, both an avant-garde pioneer and a modern classic. Colder, the electronic project he’s helmed since 2003, inhabits a sonic world that drives into the future as much as it gazes into the past. His is a unique sound of noir-drenched highways of propulsive electronic cold wave, krautrock and post-punk. Hot on the heels of Colder’s third album Many Colours, released late last year, June 24th sees the release of two new Colder albums: The Rain and Goodbye. A combination of new and reworked unreleased material from Colder’s years at Trevor Jackson’s now defunct Output label, they unleash two new parts to the Colder story: Goodbye, a swaggering groove-laden album of synthesised jagged guitars and dynamic electronica, and The Rain, a more experimental record of glacial ambience and New Wave expressionism. The time capsule opens, and Colder still sounds like the future.

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Madeleine & Salomon @ Spice Jazz

Madeleine & Salomon is the new project by vocalist and flautist Clotilde Rullaud and pianist and multi-instrumentalist Alexandre Saada.


Their first album together, ‘A Woman’s Journey’, re-visits the American songbook, paying tribute to American female protest singers and songwriters. On stage, their music will be accompanied by projected images for their debut UK show at Spice of Life (for a Spice Jazz event).

According to the Sunday Times’s Clive Davis “Clotilde Rullaud is a supremely gifted singer who defies convention. ‘A Woman’s Journey’ once again finds her charting new territory.

You can listen to their album here.

22 June MADELEINE & SALOMON, Spice of Life Soho – Spice Jazz, London

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Video of the Week: Baron Rétif & Concepcion Perez

“Transferring summer vibes through the speakers” according to Watch The Hype, and both “lush” and “exciting” in the words of The Ransom Note, Baron Rétif and Concepcion Perez released their first full album Navettes at the beginning of April and return with a video for track ‘The Crave’, featuring US rapper Napoleon Maddox (“aching R&B” said The Quietus) and with a lo-fi and  subtly humorous clip-collage.

The dynamic duo will be playing at Rich Mix on 2nd July as part of the Encore! Euro 2016 series of events.


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New Release: Papier Tigre

papier tigre - credit - JB Geoffroy

On their new album The Screw, Nantes-based Papier Tigre have matured into a devastatingly efficient rock unit, with instruments, ideas and personalities bouncing off each other in an audible culture of creativity. The nine songs are an impressive account of the band’s ability to balance different atmospheres, underlined by original rhythmic patterns, minimalist melodic lines and distinctive vocal hooks. It sees them coming back stronger than ever before: wilder, avidly literate, fiercely melodic. The album is released today in the UK on Function Records.

The Skinny has already praised their “serrated funk that props up their gleeful caterwauling.”

Heebie Jeebies | Video from PAPIER TIGRE on Vimeo.

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