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New Release: Leïla Martial

After her collaboration with Anne Paceo, Leïla Martial returns with an audacious record, one where she shows her music is capable of the most subtle and unexpected reversals.

Leïla Martial is one of the masters of a precious instrument: a voice with unlimited creativity, a source of onomatopoeia that mutates and transforms to adapt to all the soundscapes that it traverses. It’s an approach that she pushes to the full on “Baabel“, her second album with a new ‘Baabox’ quartet, alongside Eric Perez (drums), Pierre Tereygeol (guitar) and Emile Parisien (saxophone).

Far from aping the scat or jazz tradition , Leïla Martial invents her own language and sets it on a collision course with free jazz and contemporary music.

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Video of the week: Jain

For those who have not yet had the chance to discover the fabulous french singer-songwriter and musician, Jain, her music reaches simultaneously for hip-hop, electronic dance, dub, reggae, soul, and the blues.

After a brilliant debut album “Zanaka” and first music video for the title “Come“, Jain’s brand new “Makeba” visual is mixing reality and absurdity. It is a homage to South African musician Miriam Makeba, who was famous for her activist music against the apartheid in the country.

“Miriam Makeba’s songs have always followed me through the countries where I lived, by her strength and her voice, she became for me a Symbol.
It is a symbolic clip, where South Africa is put forward, where art and rhythm are mixed, and where cultures are in harmony. Greg and Lio, the two directors knew perfectly how to capture this. Between street artist, pantsula dancers, fanfares and musicians, it is also a personal meeting with South African artists around the music. Viva Mama Africa…” said Jain when she published her new video on facebook.

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New Release: Møme

His name is Jérémy Souillart, but he is better known as Møme. The DJ, which prefers to present itself as a French producer of “childwave”, exploded this summer with his debut single “Aloha“.

The singles “Hold On” and “Playground” followed, and his first album, “Panorama“, just got released on the 25th of November on Polydor/Universal, after a series of EP produced by his independent label DDM Recordings.

The album is inspired by his road trip in Australia, where he has been influenced by the artists he met there: “I created Møme  3 years ago, and I was already planning to go there – Australia -. It’s been 4 or 5 years now that I really am into the australian music wave (Future Classic, de Chet Faker à Flume), says Souillart for French magazine  Tsugi.fr . ” I started music by remixing Australian’s artists tracks, so I wanted to go there to meet the local scene and begin my home studio project in my van”

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Video(s) of the week: Laura Cahen & Las Aves

Last week-end, Laura Cahen released an exclusive music video called “Froid“, extract from her first upcoming album “Nord“. The lyrics and music of the northern-east french artist will hypnotise you. Difficult to resist their intensity and authenticity.

In a cold and dark atmosphere, this clip unveils the hoarse and yet so feminine voice of Laura Cahen. Her words inspired by her family’s travels, from Spain to Morocco through Algeria.

Las Aves is a mysterious gang from Paris, France. They play a new kind of Pop music, inviting modern Hip Hop and punk-ish R’n’B along the way. Produced by Dan Levy (from french act The Dø), they are innovative and universal.

In their new video for the stand-out title track “Die in Shanghai“, the mysterious French band quite literally do forward-flips, as well, which is fairly impressive.  The clip actually follows a troupe of nifty, pink-clad performers, as they diablo, cartwheel, hula-hoop, and plate-spin their way around the song’s namesake.

The band will be playing a show at London’s Shacklewell Arms on December 3rd.

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